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knowing when you’re ready to date again

February 1, 2021

After going through a difficult break-up, it’s common to take a step back and pause on pursuing another serious relationship. Many times, emotional healing needs to take place before you feel ready to get back into the dating scene.  Knowing when the healing is complete can be challenging as each relationship is unique and each person’s readiness to begin dating again will vary. While people may say they are ‘ready’, work and reflection is required before reaching that point.  Understanding when you feel ready will take time, but keeping these key points in mind will help ensure your heart, mind, and soul are prepared for another dating adventure.

Don’t Rush

Relationships require a significant amount of effort and compromise. Once the relationship has ended, it will take time to repair what has been broken. It’s easy to say everything is “fine”, but allowing yourself to be genuine with your emotions and feelings will allow for a healthier recovery.  Friends may bounce back from relationships faster than you which can create a level of anxiety or frustration. However, giving yourself time to heal and accepting that your situation is specific to you is paramount.

Reflect and Reassess

It’s easy to want to mentally erase past relationships where we have been deeply hurt. However, if you allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable, you will be able to process areas of your previous relationship that were both positive and negative. Perhaps there was an aspect of the relationship that you realized was a major deal-breaker that didn’t cross your mind when you began dating that person. Maybe you found yourself dismissing “red flags” which seemed insignificant at the time but led to greater complications the further along the relationship went. Making a list of priorities which are important to you in a relationship can greatly aid you in the dating recovery process.

Be Transparent

After you have been hurt by an ex, it’s easy to keep your guard up upon dating again. It’s unfair to your new dating partners if you are harboring a grudge that they were never a part of in the first place. If you find yourself struggling with past emotions, be honest with yourself and the person you’re dating.  Chances are that person will be understanding and want to do what they can to help you weed through your feelings. Honest communication will strengthen your relationship and draw you closer to your new dating partner.

Recovering from past relationships is no easy task. You sacrifice so much of yourself by investing your time and emotions when dating. It only makes sense to make that same investment in yourself when recovering from a break-up. Giving yourself time to process your feelings and work through your emotions will create a stronger you and someone who is ready to jump back into the dating scene better than ever!


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