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3 tips for first date expectations

August 18, 2021

The movies lead us to believe in love at first sight. However, love comes from the heart, not the eyes. So, how can you tell in a matter of a few hours whether a spark just doesn’t exist or simply needs a little more tending to ignite? Here are three ways to gauge your first date when deciding if there should be a second date.

1. Ease of Conversation

While there are obviously a few frayed nerves on both sides during a first date, an easiness to the conversation should fall into place over the course of the date. Undoubtedly, the best way to get to know one another is through conversation. If that communication is no easier at the end of the date than at the beginning, it may not bode well for the second date. However, if you find yourself engrossed in conversation and somewhat oblivious to those around you, a second date may be warranted.

2. Rapid Passage of Time

If you suddenly realize the date has extended for much more time than you realized,  it means you are enjoying your present company. Even if the conversation is somewhat awkward initially, the clock getting away from you is a sign that the conversation is still enjoyable and worth investing in to see if relaxed jitters improve on the second date.

3. Attraction

An initial sizzle of electricity upon first sight can easily fizzle out if the connection is only physical. However, there is no doubt that physical attraction plays a role. As the first date continues, do you find yourself feeling more or less attracted to your date than at first sight?

As the date progresses, you may begin to find them more physically attractive because of an increasing emotional connection. By the same token, if the spark is fully physical, you may begin to notice more negative physical characteristics or that the initial spark has faded. An increasing physical attraction is likely more than physical and could be worth a second date. However, if you find more physical flaws as your date progresses, you are obviously not distracted by the connection being made.

First dates can be awkward, amazing, or somewhere in the middle. Starting your date with an open mind to future possibilities is the first step to a great first date and the potential for many more.


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