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our clients know that they are the experts of their own experience

We have found therapy to be most effective when founded on understanding, collaboration and motivation.  

We pride ourselves on fostering a supportive environment where our clients feel inspired to make powerful strides towards a more fulfilled self.
We take the time to fully understand our client’s experiences, challenges and motivations in order to create techniques tailored to the individual. We believe in the power of authenticity and employ a direct, humanistic, solution-focused approach.

Our Philosophy

Every human experience is unique, which means therapy for moving through those experiences should be too.

Manhattan Wellness doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all treatment. Instead, we provide a client-tailored approach that focuses on the unique individual.

This cultivates a safe and supportive environment where you can feel inspired to make powerful strides towards living the life you imagine for yourself.

Unlike many other providers, Manhattan Wellness offers boutique psychotherapy. This is different from traditional practices- and we like it that way.

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Therapy shouldn't feel clinical or cold – it's a journey that's deeply personal and your comfort and trust are at the heart of it all.

Our goal is to shatter the stereotype that therapy has to feel like a distant, disconnected experience. 

That is why we offer the option of getting to know your therapist before beginning treatment. Forging a genuine connection with your provider creates a strong foundation for meaningful progress and that is the outcome we strive for.

Our all-female team of therapists have impressive clinical backgrounds as well as life experience that helps them to understand you as a human- not just a client. This makes our providers as relatable as they are skilled.

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we’re here for you, always.

Therapy is not just for times of crisis - it can be a healthy habit that allows you to move past challenges and live the life you truly want for yourself.

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a message from the founder

At Manhattan Wellness, we’re here to work with you so that you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

We honor you…. bearing witness to your experience with radical acceptance

We hear you…. dedicating a space with you as the primary focus

We see you… through kind eyes rather than a judgemental lens

We accept you…. pairing your vulnerability with our endless empathy and encouragement

We partner with you… knowing that this will be hard work, but you’re more than capable

And like all great allies…we’re here for you, always

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