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5 red flags to look for in relationships

May 22, 2020

Sometimes, it’s easy to allow your hopes to overcome the reality of who someone is. It’s important to always pay attention to red flags when you’re dating. There are five red flags you should pay attention to.

1. They won’t take no for an answer.

Brooklyn woman sitting on a stool in her apartment. Depression treatment can help.

If you say you’re busy one night and don’t feel like going out and your lover makes you feel guilty about it, this is a red flag. It means that person doesn’t respect your boundaries and is likely to not respect you if you tell them you don’t want to have sex. This will lead to a one-sided relationship that will be exhausting to manage. It could potentially be dangerous.

2. They put you down.

This one is tricky. Some people just have a really goofy sense of humor and are genuinely kidding. The way you can tell is by how someone acts when they know they’ve hurt you. If someone mocks your passions or makes jokes that hurt your feelings in front of their friends, this is not the person for you. Someone who cares will always check in with you and be accountable for their mistakes. They will never intentionally cause you to feel insecure in any way.

3. They don’t take responsibility for their mistakes.

If your significant other never apologizes when they hurt people, this is definitely a red flag. A manipulative person will even make you feel like you are responsible for their mistakes. When you start feeling like everything is your problem and your partner takes no responsibility whatsoever, it’s time to run.

4. They lie.

If your partner says they’re a doctor, but can’t tell you exactly when they’ve gone to medical school, this is definitely a red flag. Some people will pretend they’re more accomplished than they are in order to impress their significant other. This means they’re untrustworthy and insecure.

5. They don’t follow through.

When someone tells you they’ll be meeting you at dinner and doesn’t show up, this is definitely a red flag. Don’t put yourself through hoping it will change. Even if they eventually show up for dinner after you’ve tolerated ten cancellations, it will be like pulling teeth to get this person to commit to anything


If the journey of being a happy, single person feels challenging, seeking professional support can be a valuable resource. Therapists are trained to help individuals navigate their emotions, explore personal goals, and develop strategies for finding fulfillment. Through therapy, you can gain insights into patterns of thinking and behavior, identify areas for growth and receive guidance on building a positive and meaningful life.

Our society often prioritizes romantic relationships, but learning how to be happy as a single person is a powerful and transformative journey. It’s a time for self-reflection, personal growth and the cultivation of genuine happiness that comes from within. By embracing solitude, practicing self-love, building meaningful connections and setting personal goals, you can navigate the single life with confidence. Remember that being single is not a state of lack but an opportunity for fulfillment. Embrace your journey, focus on your well-being and fall in love with yourself!

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