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important components in a good relationship

May 22, 2020

Humans are social by nature and will form countless relationships throughout life. Whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship, it is important to make sure that you are in a good, healthy relationship. Since you will meet different people, the nature of each relationship will also be different. However, they tend to share the same components. To identify a great relationship, it is essential to be aware of some of these components.


One of the most vital aspects of any relationship is communication. A great relationship involves friends or partners talking to each other about issues they are facing. If you are dealing with something at work or have issues with your friend or partner, it is necessary to sit down and discuss it with them. Keeping things to one’s self will likely create tension or lead to feelings of deception.


Sharing responsibility is another way to maintain a healthy relationship. It is not uncommon to see couples divide up the household chores. Everyone has busy lives, so you should talk to your partner to discuss responsibilities regarding work or finances. Not only does it create a sense of teamwork, but it also keeps both people from feeling overburdened.


You and the other person in the relationship need to have respect for each other. Disregarding boundaries, often being late to meetups, and saying one thing and not doing it shows a lack of respect. Both people need to make each other’s feelings a priority to maintain a good relationship. If someone makes a big decision, then you should trust and support them. While you do not always need to make sacrifices, consideration is key.


Almost everyone goes through hard times and will need the help of loved ones. It can be a rough day at work, a difficult decision, or familial problems. A good relationship involves your friend or partner being there for you when you need them. While they support you, you must also do the same for them. If you notice that they are having issues, then sit down and talk to them. Offer to help in any way you can.


While in a relationship, you must give as well as receive. There needs to be a balance, so each person feels like they are getting something out of the relationship. There are many different ways to act as the giver. You can buy them gifts, make them food, or do their favorite activities with them. If the other person is not doing the same for you, then talk to them about it.


Never take advantage of others, and do not let them take advantage of you. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine if you or the other person are doing so. One way to avoid taking advantage of one another is show appreciation. You and the other person are doing a lot for each other, so showing gratitude helps make the relationship less stressful. Another way is to make time for each other. Life can get busy, but finding a day out of the week to hang out can go a long way. Of course, if plans need to get canceled, let each other know beforehand.


To know if you are in a great relationship, evaluate what you and the other person say and do. Are you both able to talk to each other in order to work out any issues? Do you both show the same level of respect to each other? Look to see what you are doing for your friend or partner and vice versa. Relationships work both ways and require both people to display these components.


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