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when work isn’t working

May 22, 2020

Whether just recently beginning a new job or have been a working professional for years, everyone will feel insecure about their successes at some point. While this feeling is normal, it is important to not allow insecurities to become something worse and begin affecting your progress.

Maybe adjusting to a new position is taking longer than anticipated. Maybe a promotion or pay raise is on the horizon and life outside of work has taken the back burner for too long. Regardless of the situation, it is important to pay attention to our mental and physical status even when focusing on careers.

Self Evaluate

Try to check in with yourself and your expectations. Is this work-related goal realistic? Or have you developed a superhuman expectation for yourself without considering other commitments? It is okay to not be barreling up the corporate ladder at breakneck speeds. Try to cut yourself some slack and appreciate yourself for the work you have put in.

Are you showing up to work every day ready to put your best effort in? Do you keep a positive attitude even when stressed? Is your work ethic keeping you motivated to produce quality outcomes? Focus on your daily attitude and ability as well when self-evaluating.

Perception vs. Reality

With how accessible other people’s success and happiness are through social media, it is challenging to not compare yourself to the online depiction. However, it is vital to keep in mind that most people only share their highlight reels. Hardly anybody shares the insecurities and uncertainties they feel at the same consistency, though they do exist.

How to Improve

The best thing for us all to try to do more is to celebrate ourselves. This applies farther than work successes but is especially useful for this topic. Those daily attributes that you self evaluated? Those small victories deserve recognition!

Keep in mind to not compare yourself to anyone else. There is very little chance that you know every internalized struggle those around you carry. By being empathetic to their issues, you can also recognize that your own are worth understanding.

Overall, be kinder to yourself with your career expectations. You deserve it.


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