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trusting your decisions and accepting the results

December 21, 2020

Many of us find it challenging to make decisions. To a point, this is fairly understandable given that certain decisions can have long-lasting effects on our lives going forward. It’s natural to have some level of anxiety before you embark on something new; after all, jumping headfirst into things can often be foolish. But what happens when you can’t seem to make decisions no matter what? How do you get over that? Let’s explore these topics and more today to try to get to the bottom of things.

Trusting Your Decisions

It’s normal to be a bit apprehensive when it comes to making a major decision, but you can’t let this fear rule your life. A key part of growing up and becoming who you were meant to be is learning to trust yourself, including the decisions you make. Scary or not, someone has to make these choices. Unless you want to be pulled along by others, that someone has got to be you.

Understanding Apprehension

Where does this fear come from, however? Determining that is often key to overcoming our aversion to decision-making. For many, it means being indecisive and fearful of choosing the “wrong” path. This makes sense given how frequently we’re told that a single misstep in many areas of life can have dire consequences.

Accepting Results

The truth is that most of the bad choices we make aren’t as detrimental as we might believe. Most of us can afford to make mistakes in life. In fact, making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn. So long as you don’t allow yourself to be overcome by these failures, you’ll always have the chance to try again and succeed.

Furthermore, what exactly have you chosen “wrong” in the past? Sure, we could all point to one or two regrets we might have, but you’d be surprised at how well you’ve done for yourself if you really take stock. It really goes to show how resilient you truly are, even if you can find times when you didn’t make the best choices. There’s no need to beat yourself up over some choices that didn’t pan out how you expected. Acceptance is the best medicine in this case and helps you identify how you’ve been able to move forward in the past.

In the End…

While it can be difficult for many to trust their own mind, it’s necessary in order to keep moving forward. Believe in yourself and take some chances. If they don’t pan out, accept these results and keep trying. The only other choice is to never make a choice at all, and what kind of life would that be? You deserve better, so make the decision to get what you deserve.


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