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overcoming decision paralysis

August 29, 2023

Decision paralysis is a common experience that happens when you overthink or over analyze a situation to the point that it becomes too overwhelming to make a decision at all. We find that the fear of the wrong choice often holds our clients back when the stakes feel too high or the outcome feels too uncertain. While having choices can be empowering, it can also be stressful when there are too many options or difficult choices.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for tackling decision paralysis and decision making in general.

  • Break it down into smaller steps. You can start by identifying the key factors that will influence your decision. What feels like a non-negotiable factor or a “must-have” in making your decision? In exploring the key factors, you can evaluate how each of them aligns with what’s most important to you.

    • For example, if you’re trying to decide whether to accept a job offer, your key factors may be salary, commute, time, work-life balance and growth trajectory. After what’s important to you, you can better evaluate how your potential offer aligns with what you value most.

  • Trust yourself to make the best decision for you. You can create more trust in yourself by reflecting back on past decisions you’ve made. Consider how both the “right” and the “wrong” decisions turned out, and most importantly what you learned from them. How were you able to overcome these decisions? How did you get to where you are today? Reflecting on these can help you be confident in the decisions you do make, and understand you have the ability to learn and grow from every single one.

  • Accept the outcome of your decisions. It’s normal to have doubts and uncertainties about how a decision will turn out. It’s important to remember that you are doing the best you can with the information you have right now. The decision process is continuous – in time and with new information in the future, what you consider the “best decision” may change, however, all you can control is what you know in the present moment.

  • Take a purposeful pause. Sometimes, it may be more beneficial for you to step back, rest and reflect before jumping to a decision. Pausing can help give you time to gain perspective and make a more informed choice. Avoiding rushing into a decision that may feel impulsive will help you be more mindful of what’s most important to you and will serve you best.

The next time you’re faced with a tough choice, remember that you are capable of making the right decision for you, and that every decision (even the “wrong” ones) is an opportunity for growth.

How will you approach your next big decision?

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