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to pursue or not to pursue, that is the question

April 22, 2022

Every day, our choices define the direction our life heads in. Understanding whether you are pursuing your ultimate dreams, or just accepting opportunities to avoid confronting the scary truths, is powerful.

Decision-making may not always feel good.  However, looking within to determine your mindset may provide some clarity and help you with your tough choices. Are you coming from a place of growth and running towards your dreams? Are you coming from a place of fear and running away from opportunities that may bring you joy and abundance?

How do I know which way I’m running?

Running towards your dreams

  • You are taking control of your life.
  • Pursuing opportunities that bring you joy.
  • Doors are opening to new and exciting adventures, and you are ready for it.
  • Your intuition spoke to you, and you listened.
  • You feel at peace with your decision.
  • Your peers’ opinions on your decision do not affect you.

Running away from your dreams

  • You feel like your life controls you, and you’re just along for the ride.
  • Accepting opportunities only to get out of your current situation.
  • Your focus is on avoiding the discomfort and uneasiness you are experiencing.
  • You ask your peers what they think about your choices. Their disapproval may lead to defensiveness on your part.
  • Avoid thinking about your decisions and the consequences.
  • Actively working to convince yourself that you made the right choice.

In conclusion

Whichever way you find yourself running, know you are not alone on your journey. Making decisions in life can be terrifying. The key is to look within and reflect on your heart’s desires. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones or mental health professionals for any assistance you may need. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to pursue the many opportunities in life is up to you. You are capable of building and running towards a life you love.


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