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removing the burden of perfection

February 28, 2022

Perfection is a term that is often used but rarely ever achieved in many realms of life. We say we want to get the perfect job, find that perfect someone, or achieve that perfect result on a project. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, life changes, and occasional human error, our “perfect” plans culminate in a flawed outcome through our viewpoint. Instead of burdening ourselves with perfection as the ultimate outcome, let’s focus on other areas which can provide more fulfillment in our life.

Note Your Progress

While attempting to create perfection, we tend to avoid thinking about areas of weakness. However, looking back on our choices and seeing the transformation that’s taken place over time can be revealing and quite encouraging. While we will inevitably see missteps along the way, we can also see how we have grown from those decisions and become stronger over time.

Enjoy the Journey

Focusing solely on perfection creates a tremendous amount of stress due to the constant fear of failure that could possibly ensue. Many times, the stress we place on ourselves can take more out of us than the fulfillment of whatever perfect result we are trying to achieve. Being able to find enjoyment in the process is vital and may alter how you want your perfect scenario to ultimately look in the end.

Finding Peace with the Outcome

Occasionally, hard work, dedication, and perseverance can still result in a less-than-perfect outcome. Rather than focusing on what didn’t go according to your plan, find peace in the result, and understand that the outcome may create avenues which end up being better than your original goal. When we incorporate peace with our final result, we are able to clearly see other possibilities that may have been hidden if we become bitter with the dissatisfaction of our desired “perfect” ending.

The pursuit of perfection can add additional anxiety to an already daunting goal. We can still find success, happiness, and prosperity without having to cripple ourselves with creating a perfect outcome. Reflecting on our decisions, enjoying the journey, and finding peace with the finished product are ways which can create fulfillment in our life that the feeling of perfection could never satisfy.


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