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staying productive from your home space

January 18, 2021

Staying productive during the work day has always been difficult, even when it took place in the office. Now, as current events see more companies shift to working from home, productivity is an even bigger hill to climb. When you’re surrounded by the comforts of home, staying focused on the task in front of you can be difficult. Knowing the right techniques for staying productive — and rewarding yourself for hard work — is key to be successful working from home. 

How to Stay Productive

The biggest obstacle to productivity at home is the merging of our work and relaxation spaces. Isn’t it more appealing to do your work under the warm covers of bed? Unfortunately, this means that distractions are right at hand. Getting a little too comfortable or having your personal things a bit too close can both be detrimental to staying on task. To conquer this, establish set work and relaxation spaces inside your home. You could set up a makeshift desk at your dining room table or similar space for working, and make spaces like the bedroom or sofa off limits until working hours are over. This helps create a space, physically and mentally, where you are dedicated to working. It also helps the working mindset to keep your regular routine. Don’t just roll out of bed and get to work; go through your morning as you would any other time. If getting dressed and brushing your teeth was your morning ritual before heading to the office, it should be the same now. During the time you’d normally be commuting, go for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Keeping up your routines will help working at home feel more familiar. 

Rewarding Your Work

Working hard all week long can burn us out. For the sake of your mental health, it’s important to reward yourself for work. No matter how big or small the task was, finishing work is an accomplishment, and you deserve to treat yourself for it. Try using your days off to indulge in your favorite foods, watch your favorite programs, and engage with your hobbies. You can also use this time to socialize. Spending time focusing on yourself and doing the things you enjoy is the best way to reward yourself for working hard. A nice weekend of personal time can also help refresh us and make another week of hard work possible. So next time you finish a big project at work, don’t be ashamed to celebrate yourself.

New productivity habits aren’t easy, and making these changes will take time. With small steps and perseverance, you can help push yourself to be the best, most productive version of yourself you can be. Just remember you can do it! A new era of productivity is waiting.


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