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reset the worst-case mindset

May 13, 2021

It’s common for people to become anxious in situations which they feel may be out of their control. Whether it be in relationships, awaiting test scores, or a job status, our minds will try to cover every possible outcome and then form what our reaction will be. Often, people default to assume the worst-case scenario to avoid getting their hopes up. While this may seem like an emotionally safe plan, it’s far from a successful strategy. We’ll discuss why we focus on negativity, why it isn’t beneficial, and how we can change our mental outlook.

It Artificially Softens the Blow

No one wants to fail, let alone deal with failure. Sometimes the sting of failure can last for years. To soften the emotional blow, we may try to convince ourselves that failure doesn’t matter. If we do fail, we may think “It’s ok, I knew it wasn’t going to work out anyway”. Setting up this emotional buffer may fix the superficial pain of failure, but it can’t cover up the pain we may experience deep down in our soul.

We Restrain Our Thinking

If we spend time focusing on what happens if we fail, we rob ourselves of time that could be spent trying to achieve a positive and successful outcome. Subliminally, our worst-case thinking will slowly begin to creep its way into other aspects of our life. Where once we were hopeful, we now begin to focus on negative outcomes. In relationships, we begin to replace grace with dissent when someone hurts us. Our efforts to create emotional salvation in turn create an emotional bondage.

Hope and Heal

While it may be challenging, allowing ourselves to have hope and focus on potential positive outcomes will drastically change our overall perspective. Having confidence in knowing that we did everything in our power will create fulfillment and allow us to accept whatever the results may be. If we still fail, we must be sure to explore and accept feelings of sadness and create time for healing to take place. It may not be comfortable at the time, but this reflection will give deeper insight and allow for a more thorough healing process.

We will all experience failure in our life. Having the attitude that you won’t be as disappointed with a worst-case scenario mindset is a fallacy and can take longer to recover from. Having a positive attitude will prevent you from falling into the hole of negativity. While failure is never fun, giving yourself permission and time to explore your feelings will allow you to heal emotionally and create an inner peace.


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