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avoiding spring stress

April 15, 2022

April showers bring May flowers. May flowers bring spring stress. As the snow melts and the winter clouds part, social commitments begin to dot our calendars again. The pressure to be productive and social weighs heavily on us, and the stress may feel overwhelming.

The Root of Spring Stress

When everything is cold, icy, or covered in snow during the winter, it’s easy to hole up indoors. People might use the weather as an excuse not to meet up with friends, explore the city, or even hold themselves accountable for their personal goals. It’s easy to understand. The drab, gray winter sky makes everyone want to lounge around in bed all day.

But as the seasons change, our expectations shift too. As the temperature rises, the sun comes out, and now we’re expected to do things. Lunches with friends, jogs in the park, cookouts, playdates, and pool days suddenly become part of our schedule. After a long winter, this jolt to our routine is anxiety-inducing and daunting.

Managing Seasonal Stressors

The change in the seasons shouldn’t be a source of stress. Here are a few tips to calm your nerves as spring arrives:

  • Go easy on yourself.

One significant way to relieve stress during any season is to lower your expectations of yourself. Ease into spring. Start by adding a few small things to your schedule, and try not to overextend yourself. If you fall short of your expectations, be kind to yourself. Remind yourself that you’re doing your best, and remember that everyone struggles with a change in routine.

  • Get organized.

When your schedule starts to fill up, write in a calendar! Whether it’s a digital or physical calendar or planner, find a way to write down all of your commitments. Keeping a tangible schedule helps organize your life. It also takes the pressure off your brain when you don’t have to remember everything you planned. When it’s written down, all it takes is one glance at your planner to remind you of your goals for the day.

  • Take some time for yourself.

With the flurry of plans you’re making this spring, it’s easy to neglect your own needs and desires. As you plan lunch dates, dinner parties, and birthdays, remember to plan moments and times for yourself. Take a stroll in the park. Grab a coffee and enjoy the sunshine. Or simply relax on the couch with Netflix. Whatever activity you prefer, give yourself a moment to destress and recharge. Afterward, you’ll feel more energized and ready to conquer all your goals!

Moving Forward

With the end of winter comes a change in temperature and routine. Change is stressful, and the transition to spring is no different. With some grace, organization, and self-care, spring doesn’t have to stress you out. After a long winter, make sure you pause, smell the freshly-bloomed flowers, bask in the sun, and enjoy spring!


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