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the post-vacation blues

March 6, 2023

Taking a vacation is such an exciting time! The weeks leading up to it are full of anticipation for some much-needed relaxation or adventures! What happens when you get back, though? Many people feel overwhelmed, stressed, or just kind of bummed that their vacation is over. It’s similar to the Sunday scaries, but these are the post-vacation scaries instead. If this all sounds a little too familiar, don’t worry! We’ve put together some suggestions to help you combat the post-vacation blues the next time you take a trip!

Give Yourself A Buffer

Part of the stress many people face after returning from vacation is related to jumping right back into work. You’re exhausted from traveling, haven’t finished unpacking, and aren’t in the right head space yet. Avoid this by giving yourself at least a day or two as a buffer to readjust. Use these days to unpack and get your laundry done, organize your life at home, and catch up on sleep. Plus, there are probably some things at home you missed, such as your pets, a favorite food, or just sleeping in your own bed. Spend this time enjoying being back. This way you’ll jump back into your busy life rested, recharged, and without feeling like everything at home is a mess.

Plan Ahead

Getting ready for a vacation can be time consuming. It’s too easy to put things off, both at work and at home, and decide you’ll get them done after vacation. Doing your best to avoid this will really pay off when you return. Take the time to tidy up your house so you have a clean, calm space to return to. Make sure you have a few clean outfits ready for the first days after your vacation. This way you aren’t stressed about getting laundry done first thing. If you’re jumping back into work on your return, try to knock out whatever projects you can in the weeks leading up to vacation. Set up your schedule so you’ll have plenty of time when you return to sort through emails and organize yourself before you have to get into anything too stressful.

Have Something To Look Forward To

One of the best parts of scheduling a vacation is having something to look forward to! Then, it can be such a letdown when the vacation is over and there’s nothing else planned in the future. Avoid this low by having something scheduled soon after you return. It doesn’t need to be as big or exciting as your vacation was. Try setting up a night out with some friends, a spa day to pamper yourself, or a day filled with your favorite foods. Something small can still help lift your spirits after you’ve finished a trip that you’ve been anticipating for months.

Don’t let the post-vacation blues ruin your time off! Try out a few of these tips the next time you go out of town for a smooth, calm transition back into your regular life.


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