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redefining the day of love

May 22, 2020

Valentine’s Day is all about showing and celebrating the love in your life. Unfortunately, society primarily places its focus on romantic relationships, making everyone without a date feel like the holiday is no longer theirs while those who are taken only focus on one relationship in their life out of many. February 14th (and every other day for that matter) is a great opportunity for people to celebrate the love they have for their friends, family, and themselves, not just their romantic interests! Consider these fun ways to redefine your “Day of Love” this year.


Candlelight meals and chocolate isn’t reserved for couples alone! If you find yourself itching to participate in the traditional V-Day festivities of a romantic dinner, movie, and indulging in rich desserts, why not take your best friend on a “date”? On the other hand, if you can’t get far enough away from heart-shaped balloons, inviting a group of co-workers out to brunch or to grab drinks after work is a great way to have fun in a non-traditional way.


Any excuse to send a card in the mail reminding your parents or siblings that you are thinking of them is a good one. If notes or gifts aren’t your thing, take the time to call them or stop by their home to say “hello” as a thoughtful way to show that you care.


Does the love of your life have four legs and a wet nose? Show your furry friend some love this holiday by bringing home his favorite treat, taking him to the dog park, or giving him some extra attention. You’ll feel great and he’ll be sure to reciprocate the affection!


If you happen to be alone on Valentine’s Day, no worries! Take this opportunity to practice some self-love. Order in your favorite food, turn on something binge-worthy, and indulge in a relaxing activity, such as a face mask or bubble bath. Showing yourself some love is just as important as anyone else in your life.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for love birds. Instead of placing all of the focus on your significant other or wishing that you had one to focus on, redefine what this heartfelt holiday is all about by showing the all people in your life, including yourself, how much you love them!


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