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surrounding yourself with positive influences

July 6, 2023

Jim Rohn, a famous public speaker, once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Meaning, the people you surround yourself the most with have a profound impact on your beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and experiences. Surrounding yourself with positive influences is essential to your personal growth and success.

Building a supportive network of individuals who uplift and inspire you can help you to achieve your goals, overcome setbacks and obstacles and live a more fulfilled life. It’s important for your support system to include not only the people who stand by you during the good times, but who hold your hand through the difficult moments too.

To understand who the people are in your support system, ask yourself these important questions: Who do you turn to when you need a boost of positivity or motivation? And who are the people who have your back? Write down the names of the people who immediately come to mind, and think about what you can do to foster your connection with them

It takes commitment to consistently demonstrate your appreciation for these relationships. Maybe you need to focus on prioritizing the effort and energy you put towards these relationships while minimizing the effort you put towards the relationships that drain you. You could make more effort to spend more quality time with them or have more frequent check-ins.

As you think about how you can create deeper, meaningful relationships in your support system, also remember that it is often the little things that count. Consistently showing up, showing an interest in, and supporting others just as they support you is an essential part of developing relationships that stand the test of time.

While identifying your supporters, you may have also realized some people did not make the list. Maybe you’re seeing signs of an unhealthy relationship, such as someone putting you down, not respecting your boundaries or values, or leaving you feeling drained after each interaction. It is equally important to recognize and manage these unhealthy relationships as it is to nurture your healthier connections. To restore these relationships to healthier versions, consider managing your expectations for these people, setting clear boundaries, and disengaging from negative interactions. 

For this month, we encourage you to focus on creating and nurturing relationships with the people who give you energy.

How do you plan on cultivating more positivity in your social circles?

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