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final quarter goal check

October 21, 2022

Setting big goals at the beginning of the year is common practice. Goal setting is one of the most critical steps toward success. Some people achieve their goals while others struggle to maintain the momentum as the year progresses, which could be due to;

  • Unexpected circumstances
  • Loss of initial motivation
  • Or simply forgetting the goals and excitement present at the time you set those goals

As we approach the final quarter of the year, it is vital to reflect on the goals that you set for the year to see if;

benefits of goal check

Goal check-ins are essential for accountability and to check your progress. They can help you realize when you are off the path so you can decide whether to start afresh or you need a change of direction. The two main benefits of goal checks are they tell you when to;

Maintain Momentum

During a goal check, you can realize when you are on your way to achieving your goals, and you can take the following steps to maintain momentum;

  • Take small steps every day
  • Celebrate small every success
  • Have regular goal check-ins

Change Direction

If you realize things are not going as per your plans during a goal check, or if your goals have changed, however exciting the idea was, it may be time to change your plans. The best way to reframe or change the direction of your goals is to;

  • Figure out why you are unable to achieve your goals to avoid making the same mistakes
  • Determine if you are doing it due to desire or from the point of fear.
  • Make a pro and cons list to determine if you should move forward or change direction.
  • Learn from your obstacles and reframe your goals.

Final Thought

Goal check-ins and small changes can lead to many emotions, from excitement and anticipation to feelings of self-doubt and sometimes failure, but don’t let this stop you. Reflect on your goals and decide on whether you will change your plans or if you will maintain momentum this final quarter.


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