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6 benefits of online therapy

July 6, 2023

6 benefits of online therapy

In this day and age, we’ve become more reliant on technology for shopping, learning, socializing, and almost every aspect of life. Now, therapy is another valuable service you can easily access online anytime. Online counseling is just as effective as traditional therapy, with some additional benefits. You can get mental health care from the comfort of your home through live video sessions and phone calls.

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of online therapy, here are a few you should consider:

1. online therapy is easily accessible

Many Americans have limited access to therapy and mental health services. This may be because some people live in rural or remote areas or there are no providers in your area that meet your specific needs. Accessing therapy can also be challenging for those who have to commute or have time constraints. Thanks to technology, access to treatment isn’t limited by location. As long as you have access to a computer or phone and have reliable internet, you can talk to an online therapist from anywhere.

2. it’s more affordable than in-person

Cost is another significant deterrent that has prevented most people in the past from seeking or accessing mental health services. In addition to the cost of therapy, paying for gas, a subway, or taxi fare, make the service even more expensive. By accessing online counseling from wherever you are, you can limit those additional fees.

3. online therapy introduces comfort

Therapy can be intimidating, and sharing your fears and concerns isn’t always easy, especially in an unfamiliar environment. With online therapy, since you’ll be in control of your environment, you can set up the place to make you feel more comfortable before your session. Factors such as temperature, lighting, and seating that can all influence your session are all in your control, and you can adjust them to what feels good. Being comfortable is especially important for your therapy session as it personalizes your experience helping you better focus on what you need to work on.

4. online therapy in nyc offers more convenience & flexibility

Online therapy sessions offer an unrivaled level of flexibility. You have increased the ability to set your therapy session based on a wider variety of dates and times. If you lead an extremely busy life, travel a lot, or have issues with consistency, you can squeeze in a session in between your meetings or during your breaks. It’s easier to fit a therapy session into your day when you know you don’t have to stress about returning to the office or home in time to carry out a specific activity.

5. it offers access to a wide range of online therapists & counselors

Online therapy offers you access to a broader range of mental health providers. You are no longer limited to working with whoever is located the closest to you. It is now possible to seek help from a therapist who perfectly fits your specific needs. This means you’ll have access to specialized treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or providers who focus on your specific area of concern, such as Body Image Issues or Maternal Mental Health.

6. online therapy offers more chances to fit counseling into your schedule.

In this busy world we live in, it becomes hard to carve out time for ourselves. You may have a frantic work schedule or irregular hours or often are traveling for work that can make it difficult to consistently get to therapy. You can take advantage of telehealth by attending online therapy at the time and location that works for you without compromising your daily routine. It can be a call slotted right before your commute to work or while you take your lunch break.

embrace online therapy in nyc today for improved mental health

The experienced online therapists at Manhattan Wellness offer a variety of therapy services to meet your needs. This means that with online counseling, you can confidently prioritize your mental health amidst the complexities of everyday life.

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  3. Start taking care of your mental health.

therapy services we offer in manhattan & throughout new york

We understand that navigating, work, friendships, family, dating, and life as a young professional in Manhattan can come with many emotions and feelings behind it. This is why our Manhattan therapists offer a range of counseling services. The mental health services we offer are Depression Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, Individual Therapy, and Therapy for Self-Esteem. As well as Therapy for Women, Therapy for College Students, Maternal Mental Health Care, and more.

Are you feeling like you’re not living the life you want and need to make changes? Let’s talk about it.

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