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you are more than your accomplishments: defining your worth

June 4, 2021

Too often, the measure of our self-worth is the sum of our exterior accomplishments.  Our self-worth ebbs and flows based on the state of our occupation, our income, or our relationship status. We feel compelled to compare our accomplishments to those of other people in our lives.  Our accomplishments often pale in comparison. Rooting your self-worth entirely in outside pursuits can leave you feeling deeply shaken when your job or primary relationship is experiencing a rough patch.  Self-worth that is based on the most fundamental parts of yourself will fortify you during life’s most tumultuous moments.  A diverse foundation of self-worth will foster a sense of joy, wonder, and fulfillment in your daily life.

Your Presence is Enough

When attempting to diversify your sense of self-worth, take a step back and examine your life as a whole.  Think about all the interactions that you have with people throughout the day.  There are numerous people you come in contact with on a daily basis who know nothing about your occupation, or your personal life.  Yet they still value your presence.  Even people who barely know you acknowledge your inherent worth.  Your unique personality, insights, and sense of humor are valuable beyond measure.  When you embrace how much other people value the most fundamental aspects of your personality, you realize that your sheer presence is enough.

Consider Your Hobbies

Not every activity that you do is monetized, or designed to serve the needs of another person in your life.  Consider the things that bring you joy.  Perhaps you love to hike, cook, or knit. If a leisure activity makes you happy, it contributes to your self-worth.  You don’t always have to set lofty goals for yourself.  Put your inner perfectionist aside, and learn to love yourself when you do things imperfectly.  Not every activity that you do has to be focused on achievement. Relaxing, observing the world, and expressing yourself creatively are all very important components of your self-worth.  No matter what is happening in your professional or personal life, you will always have hobbies and leisure activities that foster a sense of contentment and peace. 

Your Worth is Not Defined by Others

Your self-worth is not determined by the commentary of those around you.   There are plenty of occasions when a friend, co-worker, or family member will not approve of some aspect of your life.  Self-worth that is firmly rooted in your fundamental values and a sense of who you are, what you want, and what is ultimately best for you will withstand even the harshest exterior criticism.  Once you cease to seek the approval of others, you will truly know your worth.


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