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shift your mindset: limited vs. limitless

October 13, 2021

Do you ever feel like there are limitations to what you can accomplish in life? Do you believe that there is just one way things can be done, and it’s the only way? What if I told you that this mindset could actually limit your life?

What is a limited mindset?

A limited mindset is the belief that there are limitations to what you can accomplish in life. It’s also the idea that there is only one way something should be done and it’s not okay if things don’t go your way. This mindset could limit your job opportunities, relationships, or even how successful you are in school.

How does a limited mindset limit your life?

A limited mindset limits everything you do because it restricts the number of opportunities that open up to you.

You may not even try out for something or apply for a job if you think there is no way things will work out in your favor, so why bother wasting time trying?

A limited mindset also affects how you react to situations.

Have you ever seen someone do something and immediately judged them?

You might think that they are doing the wrong thing, or maybe even said it out loud.

A limited mindset creates this type of thinking because there is only one way things should be done (and if they’re not done in your way then they’re wrong).

What is a limitless mindset?

A limitless mindset is the idea that there are endless opportunities in life. It’s also believing that anything can be done even if it seems impossible to others.

This type of thinking opens up more possibilities for you, allows you to think outside of the box and try new things, which will ultimately help grow your career or relationships with other people.

What is the purpose of a limitless mindset?

A limitless mindset helps you believe anything can happen when you put your mind to it. This type of thinking is what helps people accomplish things that they never dreamed of before, like winning the lottery or completing an Ironman.

It also allows you to be unafraid to try new things because there are no limitations holding you back.

How can you shift a limited mindset?

The first step in shifting your mindset is to realize that there are infinite ways of doing things. Every person has their own way, and the only time someone else’s idea doesn’t work for us is when we don’t allow the room to be what it needs to be.

By allowing things to be as they are, you open up a world of endless opportunities.

You also stop being so critical and judgmental because there is no need for it anymore. When we judge others for doing something differently than what we would do, then ultimately that means we’re judging ourselves too – which defeats the purpose!

What are some practical ways to shift to a limitless mindset?

One way to shift a limited mindset is by asking yourself where this way of thinking came from.

It’s easy to get caught up in this type of mindset and not even realize that it could be holding you back or limiting your growth. Sometimes we believe things without ever questioning them, so take a moment and think about where these beliefs may have come from (who told you there were limitations to what you could do).

Another way to shift your thinking is by reading books and articles that help you move past the restrictions you place on yourself.

It’s important to remember we all have a choice in how we think, so instead of looking at life as something with limitations why not look for ways things can be done?

We may find ourselves surprised by the results of our efforts.

By shifting your mindset to one that is limitless, you can accomplish whatever it is you set out for yourself without all of the restrictions holding you back.


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