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Mindful Growth: Finding Your Path in College in New York

August 17, 2023

Two students walking on their university campus. Representing individuals who could benefit from therapy for college students in Brooklyn. With online therapy you can get support finding your path from anywhere in New York.

Beginning college is an exciting and life-changing chapter. It’s a period of fresh starts, personal development, and discovering oneself. However, as you embark on this journey, it is important to know that there is no one-size-fits-all path to success. Everyone has their own story that is just waiting to be told, and finding your own path calls for self-reflection, trial and error, and sometimes even, a helping hand.

Tips From A Therapist On Finding Your Path in College

Here are a few tips from a Manhattan therapist for college students to support you as you transition:

Finding a New Normal

A young adult in grey socks sitting on a bed with a mug surrounded by books & a laptop. Representing someone who could get support in counseling or therapy for college students in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Whether in person or online you can get support finding your path in college in New York today!The transition to college is a big one that can be filled with many ups and downs. Allow yourself to experience excitement, nervousness, or homesickness; as it is all completely normal.  In times of transition, establishing a routine can offer stability and structure. Create a balanced daily routine that allots time for studying, taking care of yourself, hanging out with friends, and engaging in hobbies. This might help alleviate overwhelming feelings by giving a sense of familiarity and control. Participate in campus activities, clubs, and orientation events to meet new people and establish connections that can help to provide a sense of belonging and support during this transition.

Accept Your Individuality in College

College offers the opportunity to explore and express your true self. For many of us, this may be the first time away from home and in a new environment. While this newness may be intimidating at first, it is a fresh start in defining yourself and the person you’ve always wanted to be. Spend some time reflecting on your hobbies, values, and passions. What genuinely sparks your enthusiasm? What are some things you are curious about? Reflect internally on your true self and let it direct your decision-making when it comes to your academic interests, extracurricular activities, and career goals. It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is unique, and comparing yourself to others is often unfair and unproductive. Instead, focus on your own progress, set realistic goals, and celebrate your achievements based on your individual growth and values.

College Academic-Personal Life Balance

A university classroom where a teacher is writing on a blackboard. Representing the importance of academic & social balance which is encouraged in online therapy for college students in New York. Whether you are in Brooklyn or Manhattan you can get support today in counseling for college students.Balancing academic responsibilities with personal life can feel overwhelming and stressful. However, by implementing effective strategies and seeking support when needed, it is possible to achieve a healthy balance. Setting attainable goals can help lessen the stress and overwhelm you might be feeling. We suggest breaking down more difficult tasks into smaller, tangible steps that can allow even the largest of goals to feel more manageable. Also, time blocking in your calendar of when you want to accomplish certain tasks is a helpful strategy in finding balance and ensuring that you make the time for your many priorities.

Self- Care

Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally will enhance your ability to cope with academic demands and personal challenges. While college has so much to offer, it can feel overwhelming and exhausting, often leading to feelings of burnout.  Setting aside time for you, including finding time to rest and rejuvenate is essential in adjusting to this transition.

Start Therapy For College Students in Manhattan or Brooklyn, NY

A group of friends smiling & studying at their university. Showing that support in online therapy for college students in Manhattan can help enhance your experience. No matter where you are in New York start finding your path at university today!At Manhattan Wellness, we understand that the transition to college is an exciting time filled with so much opportunity. But, we also know that with change comes a lot of uncertainty, which can be intimidating and stressful. We are here to support you in finding your path and feeling confident as you take on this new chapter. Follow these steps:

  1. Submit a Contact Form or Email Us at
  2. Learn More About Our Team of Therapists for College Students and Our Therapy Specialists
  3. Get Support As You Find Your Path in College!

Specific Therapy Service We Offer in Manhattan & Online Throughout New York

We understand that navigating college in Manhattan can come with many emotions and feelings behind it. This is why our Manhattan therapists offer a range of counseling services. The mental health services we offer are Depression Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, Individual Therapy, Therapy for Self-Esteem and more.

Are you feeling like you’re not living the life you want and need to make changes? Let’s talk about it.

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