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building self-esteem and creating a confident and successful student

March 16, 2020

A student’s self-esteem is crucial to their success in school, socially and academically. Students who lack confidence and self-esteem will shy away from challenges at the first sign of difficulty because they fear failure. Students who have confidence have friends and enjoy the challenges and opportunities presented by school. This blog will help show you how to build self-esteem and become the successful student you would like to be.

Correcting your thinking patterns

We all have truths that we tell ourselves in our minds. In the mind of confident individuals, they tell themselves, “you got this” or “you’re going to do great”, while those lacking confidence and self-esteem tell themselves, “you can’t do anything right”, or “you’re going to make a fool out of yourself”. Learning to correct your pattern of thinking and tell yourself healthy truths can build you up, and reverse the looming fear of failure that plagues many throughout their school years. Realizing that the bad things that run through your mind are lies and recognizing the truths that lie behind the lies, can make you more confident in everything you do.

Set Reasonable Goals

Setting reasonable goals and seeing things go the way you intended can emphasize the fact that success is more than possible. Setting your expectations too high can lead to disappointment when you cannot succeed, so be realistic with yourself and strive for what you can reach. Repeatedly achieving goals builds the confidence in oneself needed to thrive in school. Academic success is achieved through a lot of small accomplishments, this can be a helpful thing to know when facing such a seemingly large challenge.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Getting that extra help you need to understand the curriculum will ensure that you know what you are doing and can avoid failing because of a lack of understanding. Having an understanding of the curriculum will make the work easier and increase the your confidence in your ability.

Building up your self-esteem can lead to a successful school year and in the long run, a happier life.


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