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How Therapy for Women Can Help You Build Confidence

July 25, 2023

There are so many factors that contribute to the way we see and feel about ourselves. Expectations set by society may be unrealistic for our situation or for anyone. We often receive so many messages from the world around us, especially through social media that seem to tell us how we “should” be or what we should strive for. We often internalize them and feel like we’re just not good enough or we have to be so much more than we already are. Not pretty enough, not smart enough, or not strong enough. It’s hard to stay confident in a world that is constantly telling us that we might be lacking something.

We often put pressure on ourselves to live up to expectations set by others like our parents, partners, or even ourselves. At times, these expectations may not even be realistic or meaningful to us and ultimately just lead to self-doubt when they are not being met. When things don’t go according to plan, it can be easy to think that we aren’t good enough or that we’re to blame for not living up to expectations. As this is constantly reinforced, we form a negative narrative in our heads that just reinforces this idea that we’re simply not good enough or always feel like we could be better.

the desire to be perfect is not a healthy motivation

People often think that by focusing solely on how they could be better then they will be more motivated and successful. But the truth is that continuously focusing on the shortcomings and perceived negative outcomes will reinforce the idea that you’re not good enough. This can cause a decline in confidence. It makes us work harder but with no real purpose because our mental capacity is not in the right place. We ignore every example showing us that we’re enough and empowering us to feel like our best selves. We need to take a step back and look at how we can work on ourselves for the right reasons without disregarding our worth.

The desire to be perfect is not actually what motivates us, instead, we find motivation from accepting ourselves as we are. We need to be able to look back and see our progress while still appreciating who we are. This is where counseling for women in New York can be beneficial as it can help you build the confidence you need to empower yourself.


Confidence is an important factor in your growth as a woman. It impacts how you engage with yourself and the world around you. Allowing you to take risks, have constructive conversations, set boundaries, and build meaningful relationships. When we are confident, we feel more motivated and connected to our work, relationships with others and self, and can feel more fulfilled in our daily lives.

Often, it’s our self-doubt that holds us back from taking risks that may lead to valuable opportunities. It also brings up a lot of emotions such as depression and anxiety. So, by increasing our self-esteem, we can have a positive impact on our emotions and mindset.

therapy for women can help build confidence

A woman laying down listening to music & smiling. Showing someone who has learned how to build confidence with counseling or therapy for women in Brooklyn, Westchester, and Manhattan, New York, NY.

Therapy for women in Manhattan can help you work on building the confidence you need to live your best life. At Manhattan Wellness, we will work with you on recognizing the negative of your narrative that continuously lowers your self-esteem. Once we can identify these beliefs and thoughts that are constantly telling us “you’re not enough”, we can work on challenging them in order for you to live a life you love.

Your therapist will help you reframe these thoughts to help you accept yourself as you are. So instead of thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, you can start to have thoughts like “I can do anything I set my mind to”. This will allow you to be more motivated and take risks that lead to opportunities. You can feel more connected to the world around you and with yourself.


You’re not alone in holding on to a negative narrative about yourself. We see it all the time! Most people create these narratives about themselves that aren’t true, yet they refuse to let go of them. Our female therapists in Manhattan will work alongside you to identify a balanced and healthy view of self–to allow you to see how limited your thinking has been and how to create an empowering narrative about yourself.

ways to help build confidence

You can begin working on your confidence today. There are so many ways to start building your confidence on a daily basis and it’s not as hard as you think! It can start with a few small habits that help you slowly build a positive perspective of self. Plus, having strategies to help you when you start to feel your confidence dip can be extremely helpful. Some of these strategies include:


A great way to start understanding how much harder you are on yourself is to think about what you would say to a friend. If your friend was feeling the same way, would you be as harsh? Or would you be kinder and more compassionate? This helps to bring awareness to how we are treating ourselves, and how we are expecting more and being harsher on ourselves than we would be to someone else. This way we can change our approach to one of self-compassion, by saying what we would say to a friend.


Another great way to stay confident and motivated is by tracking your accomplishments throughout the week. By keeping track of our small wins and accomplishments, we can recognize how far we have come and all that we are capable of. Even if something doesn’t go according to plan, you can look back and see the small wins that you achieved.


Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the thoughts of our inner critic. It can be hard to see past them. A helpful way to work on this is by writing down each time you catch yourself being critical. Then work on replacing those critical thoughts with your inner coach or with a more compassionate and supportive thought.

By understanding ourselves holistically and not just focusing on what we lack or need to be better, we can start to create a narrative that is balanced and positive. This will help us recognize our worth is not just based on what we achieve. Our worth is inherent and unconditional, granting us permission to take risks and live our lives to the fullest. Let us help you build your confidence and tap into your potential so that you can reach fulfillment in all aspects of life.

feel more confident with therapy for women in brooklyn & manhattan, new york

Woman smiling while painting. Representing someone who has worked with a female therapist as a part of counseling for confidence. Therapy for women can give you the drive to start habits in Brooklyn, Westchester, Manhattan, or anywhere in New York.

At Manhattan Wellness, we understand that with all the messages we receive from the world, it can be difficult to maintain a positive narrative about ourselves. From social media, movies, and even people close to us, it can be hard to drown out the negative. So much so that our inner critic takes over and we forget to show ourselves the same compassion as others. That’s why our female therapists want to support you in building the confidence you need to reach your highest potential. Let us help you create an empowering narrative that will benefit all aspects of your life, from personal to professional. If you are interested in beginning counseling for women:

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  3. Begin Seeing Yourself in a Whole New Light!

other therapy services at manhattan wellness in manhatta, westchester, brooklyn & throughout new york

Our therapists understand that building confidence takes time and that other issues can come up along the way. To better support you, we offer a variety of services to cater to your individual needs. The therapy services we offer are Therapy for Self Esteem, Anxiety Treatment, and therapy for dating and relationship issues. As well as therapy for college students, support for maternal mental health, body image therapy, and so much more. Are you feel like you’re not living the life you want and need to make changes? Let’s talk about it.

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