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ways to nurture yourself & grow your confidence

March 25, 2020

As women, we deal with many different kinds of pressure every day.  From parenting to partnership to body image and career concerns, it is no wonder that so many women feel that they are barely keeping up! For many of us, our expectations of ourselves seem to just keep getting higher and modern life can feel more and more complex.  If we do not properly care for ourselves and get the support that we need to connect with ourselves in a real way, we can feel trapped within our own lives and as though we are never quite enough.


It is so important that we take time to nurture ourselves in the ways that are really needed.  We need to attend to those parts of ourselves that are hurting, confused or overwhelmed.  Even when our feelings don’t make sense to us, they need our time and care.  If we don’t spend an adequate amount of attention on our inner lives, our emotions can build up to the point that they overwhelm us with their intensity or we can numb them out to the point that we don’t feel much at all.


It is easy to feel over-stimulated by social media, TV and all of the other kinds of media that surround us every day.  Our thoughts influence our emotions and impact the quality of our lives.  We need to ask ourselves, “Am I thinking the most positive and supportive thought that is available to me or is my mind simply regurgitating things I have seen and heard during the day?  Am I engaging in pointless worry or putting myself down?”


We all have a need to be seen, heard and known. But if you find yourself holding back for fear of hurting others or being rejected, you are not alone.  Start expressing yourself about small things and build the confidence to let your voice be heard and your feelings be clear to others.


Your body is a loyal friend but because of unrealistic expectations that we have about our appearance, we can end up treating our body like a hated enemy. To befriend our bodies means to slow down and listen to our physical needs for water, food, comfort, touch and loving positive attention.


Psychotherapy can help you to sort through complicated feelings about the past so that you can live your best life in the present.  It can support you in sharing yourself in new ways and setting boundaries that protect your time and energy.  The complexities of life are not going away!  But from a new place of security within yourself, you can experience more calm and confidence while attending to all the various aspects of your daily life.


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