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Tips from an Anxiety Therapist for Going from Panic to Peace

January 9, 2024

Coping with the symptoms of anxiety can be overwhelming and unsettling. Anxiety can seem beyond control and can trigger emotions of hopelessness and isolation. While remaining calm during a panic attack might seem impossible, remember that you are not alone on this journey. Regaining control over the impact of anxiety and learning to navigate states of panic are essential steps toward achieving peace. Here are a few tools that can help you manage these emotions. 

6 Tips from an Anxiety Therapist

Recognizing Stress

A woman holding her head in front of a computer in an office building in Manhattan looking anxious and panic. This woman could benefit from tips form an anxiety therapist. If you get feelings like this get support with anxiety treatment for women in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

It’s worth noting that panic attacks often stem from stress and shouldn’t be viewed as signs of weakness. Stress can arise when you feel overwhelmed or that you lack control, which affects mental well-being and can spark challenging anxiety symptoms. Identify your triggers and daily stressors. Once you’ve pinpointed these, consider educating yourself on strategies to regain control over these emotions and allow yourself the necessary space to breathe. 

Redirecting Your Attention

As states of panic can often induce feelings of detachment from reality, redirecting your attention away from the source of stress allows you to focus on your surroundings. One effective technique to employ is the 5-4-3-2-1 method. To begin, take a moment to observe five separate objects and contemplate on each one briefly. Then, listen for four distinct sounds while asking yourself questions like, “Where are these sounds coming from?” and “What makes them unique?” Next, touch three objects, considering their textures and appearances. Afterward, identify two different smells. Lastly, name one thing you can taste. 

Mindfulness Practices

Incorporating mindfulness practices offers the benefits of promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety levels. Mindfulness can foster self-awareness and eliminate the symptoms linked to panic attacks. Mindfulness can also take various forms. Meditation, for instance, is a great mindfulness practice and proven way to reach a sense of calmness. Here is a list of ways to meditate that you may not have thought about before. Additionally, practicing deep breathing exercises is another strategy that you can keep on hand any time. 

Support System

A happy woman sitting in a group of others smiling in an office building in New York. Showing the benefits of anxiety therapist approved tips. You can get anxiety therapy tailored for women in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or throughout NYC.

Having a strong support system is crucial while coping with the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. A circle of support can alleviate feelings of isolation and build a greater sense of connection with those around you. Turning to others and leaning on them for support when you need it will only further allow you to become the strongest version of yourself. 


Self-care plays an important role in the management of anxiety and creates an environment for you to feel more at ease. Understanding your personalized needs and knowing how to address them are important aspects to reflect on to help minimize the effects of stress. Engaging in self-care maximizes the potential to allow you to feel and show up as your best self and should be viewed as an essential aspect of your well-being. Reflect on your physical and mental health needs, as this can offer significant insights into identifying the best strategies to initiate. 


A smiling woman flexes her arm muscles as she workouts out on a  street in New York. Showing the positive benefits of working with a therapist for anxiety treatment for women in Brooklyn & Manhattan, New York.

Maintaining a balanced diet, regular sleep pattern and consistent habit of exercise are all important components of a healthy lifestyle that supports your physical and mental well-being. While it may be challenging to adopt lifestyle changes, the potential positive outcomes can serve as a reminder of how they empower you to feel your best. Creating consistency in your routine will provide you with a sense of comfort and stability, which decreases the symptoms of anxiety.

Start Feeling Relief with Anxiety Therapy In Manhattan or Brooklyn!

You do not have to go about changing your anxious behaviors alone. The team at our Manhattan-based therapy practice is here to help. Take the first step towards transforming your negative thoughts:

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Other Therapy Services Offered in Manhattan, Brooklyn, & Throughout New York

We offer a diverse range of individual counseling services and couples therapy. Our dedicated therapists can help with stress management, symptoms of depression, self-esteem challenges, and college student counseling. Additionally, we specialize in offering support for postpartum depression and anxiety, addressing body image concerns, and navigating the unique challenges faced by women, among other aspects. If you need support reach out to connect with a therapist.

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