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make this your summer of (self) love

July 7, 2021


Warm weather, less clothing, and more social outings. For some of us, summer is the time of year we spend the rest of the year longing for, but for others, the increased socializing and skimpier outfits make summer… well… feel like sort of a bummer.

Summertime anxiety is an issue more people experience than you may expect. If you find yourself dealing with negative feelings this summer, here are a few tips that may help.

Acknowledge The Pressure (then let it go)

From an early age, summer is built up to be larger than life. As kids, we wait for it throughout the entire school year. Summer is freedom. Summer is an adventure. Summer is romance. But really, this version of “summer” only exists in our heads. Unless your entire summertime is a party scene straight out of The Great Gatsby, you’re going to be let down by your actual summer in comparison to the ideal that’s been built up in your mind – and that is perfectly natural!

So, go ahead and acknowledge that feeling of pressure while being cognizant that there isn’t anything wrong with feeling it. The summertime “blues” aren’t necessarily a cause for concern so much as they are something many people have felt at one point or another in their lives.

Do What YOU Enjoy

Is boating something you actually enjoy? How about swimming? Are you taking part in “summertime activities” because you genuinely like them or because you feel like you’re expected to participate? Life is short and there is nothing wrong with cutting out certain things to make room for doing what you enjoy. Not everyone is into picnics and water-skiing. There isn’t anything wrong with having preferences so don’t feel bad about declining a few invitations this summer.

During the summertime, it can sometimes feel as though there is a certain expectation to “have plans” or take trips to new places. However, while some people enjoy traveling, there is nothing wrong with staying right where you are – if that is what you truly enjoy or feel that you need this summer.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Date

The summer fling has become so embedded in modern culture that sometimes it can feel like it’s one’s duty to find a special someone just because the weather has turned warm. Obviously, this isn’t how dating actually works. You may very well have that fling, start a long-term relationship, or even meet a life partner this summer. Or, it may happen in the fall… or winter… or spring. Spending the summer single may be the right move for you at this time, and if that is the case, make the most of this summer – your way.

Summertime comes with its own unique challenges. The warm weather brings with it social hurdles that can trip some of us up if we aren’t careful. This summer, you may feel some anxiety, but these feelings are perfectly natural. Also, you aren’t the only one feeling this way.  Acknowledge your anxieties without judgment, stay true to yourself, and enjoy the summer your way.


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