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confronting and conquering peer pressure

November 4, 2020

As businesses begin to reopen and society attempts to create socially distant events, people will inevitably be eager to meet up in-person. Thankfully, this is a positive step forward in attempting to get back to a normal society. However, everyone will have various levels of comfort when it comes to group activities. Challenges will arise when your group of friends want to gather in settings which make you uncomfortable. If you’re not honest with yourself and your friends, peer pressure will cause unnecessary stress on your life and strain within your friendships. Peer pressure can be conquered by keeping a few key items in mind.

Trust Your Gut

Confidence is paramount when combating peer pressure. Tapping into your internal awareness will allow you to explore any underlying stress or discomfort that may have otherwise been discarded. These subliminal feelings may seem petty at times, but your mind is giving you these red flags for a reason. Trusting your feelings and acting on your beliefs will not only help alleviate some peer pressure you may be facing but will also create a level of respect among your friends.


Expressing your concerns to your friends may be challenging, but being open and genuine about your feelings is necessary.  Having a different opinion from your peers can create discussions about situations that may not have been considered initially. Chances are some of your friends may have the same concerns as you. Additionally, making sure everyone’s viewpoint is heard and valued will allow for more meaningful discussions.

Act On Your Instincts

Thinking about and discussing your concerns with your peers is important, but acting on those feelings is the final step in combating peer pressure. Many times, this is easier said than done. If you communicate your concerns with your friends, and they still insist on their original plan, you will have to stand up for your beliefs. While going against the group opinion may be uncomfortable, you will have peace in your decision to act on what you think is the right thing to do.

Group activities will continue to be a topic of conversation as society allows for socially distant events to take place. Conquering peer pressure will help you gain confidence in who you are and what you believe. While expressing concerns to a group may be uncomfortable at first, it will become easier over time. Although your friends may not agree with your stance, they will notice and respect your opinion. Having confidence in yourself, communicating your feelings, and acting on your beliefs will help you stand up to peer pressure and create a stronger you!


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