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5 tips to boost your confidence and conquer workplace anxiety

March 12, 2020

For those suffering from anxiety, the workplace can be a minefield of potential stressors. From worrying about completing assignments on time, to impressing hard-to-please supervisors, to interacting with coworkers, the workplace can cause a huge amount of stress and be a major blow to self-esteem. However, a few simple steps can go a long way toward reducing workplace anxiety and increasing confidence on the job!


You’ve hit snooze on your alarm three times already. You’re late for work, and you throw on the first thing without looking while scrambling to get out the door. Sound familiar?

It can be tempting to let your appearance slide when there are more pressing concerns at hand, like managing to actually eat breakfast for once, or to catch your bus on time. However, how you dress can have an immediate impact not only on how others perceive you, but how you feel about yourself. Taking the time to carefully select an outfit that you feel great about can be a huge self-esteem boost, and can have lasting effects on your mood throughout the day. Dressing well can directly combat anxiety by squashing any worries that you don’t look professional or put together enough for your job.


An established routine can help to combat anxiety by forming positive habits and helping you to exert control over your environment. Whether this means taking a break to stretch your legs every hour, or making time for yourself each morning to draw up a to-do list for the day, routines can be a source of comfort and a great way to increase productivity. They can be both a great form of self-care and a practical way to manage anxiety in the workplace. When your day is planned out in advance and follows an established pattern, it helps you to worry less about the little things and feel more confident in your surroundings.


Worried about your performance at work? When you’re used to relying on external measures of your work, like grades and test scores, it can be nerve-wracking to work in an environment where the methods of evaluation are much less cut and dry.

If you’re anxious about how your work is being received, take steps to check in with your boss or supervisor about how things are going. Most employers are happy to provide feedback, and this can be a simple and effective way to combat workplace anxiety. Even if you learn that there are areas in which you can improve, it helps to have specific things to work on rather than a vague idea that you could be doing better.


From day to day, it can sometimes be difficult to see exactly what progress you’ve made, leading you to feel anxious about looming deadlines and constantly multiplying tasks. A great way to combat this is to set and achieve specific goals for yourself throughout the day. Not only will this help reduce work-related anxiety, but it will also increase your confidence with every goal you’ve achieved that you’re able to check off the list. Whether this means tackling a delicate email to a client or finally sitting down and writing a report you’ve been putting off, setting and accomplishing clear, defined goals will help you to more with confidence from one task to the next.


From famous authors to award-winning professionals, many people with anxiety report feeling like they don’t truly deserve their success, as if they are pretending to be something they’re not. One of the most pervasive symptoms of Imposter Syndrome is the fear that people will find out that you’re not truly who you say you are – that you’ve been faking it all along.

Imposter Syndrome can be a huge source of anxiety and can seriously damage your self-esteem. But the good news is that it’s incredibly common, and can be combated simply by reminding yourself of all that you’ve accomplished, and sharing your doubts and uncertainties with those who you know will support and encourage you. Whether a coworker, family member, or trusted friend, other people’s outside opinion can be a great way to cast your own accomplishments in a more positive light. While you might feel like you’re barely hanging on by the seat of your pants, to the rest of the world you seem to be doing just fine.

Anxiety can be incredibly difficult to overcome, particularly in a stress-inducing environment such as the workplace. However, anxiety doesn’t have to rule your workdays. With just a few simple changes to your habits, you can navigate the workplace with confidence and success!


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