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how to conquer the fear of progress

April 18, 2020

The fear of progress inhibits us from growing and moving forward in our lives and careers. Often, progress can be scary. Success can open you up to a greater potential for failure. The higher you climb, the further you can fall. Nonetheless, it’s important to be courageous. Nothing worthwhile is easy or without risk. Finding the courage to risk failure is the only way we can conquer our fear of progress.


Fear shows up every time we challenge ourselves and grow. This is because fear often serves as an alarm bell for opportunities. It can drive us to action and lets us know that the moment is right to try something new. It’s important to take a moment to investigate the reason for our fear of progress: is it due to an instinct that something is not right, or is it simply a fear of the unknown? If it is a gut reaction that something is amiss, then listen to your instincts. However, if you fear the unknown, take this moment as an opportunity for growth.


Often, fear of progress is related to a fear of change. People are reluctant to change, and they grow comfortable in their situation. However, even if you do not make choices that might further your growth, remember that change is inevitable. The world around us does not allow us to stay static. If possible, changes should come from your own decisions and risks, rather than factors out of your control. Take charge of your situation and make changes that could benefit you.


Even if you have experienced personal or professional progress, it can be hard to acknowledge it. Verbalizing success often feels taboo, but it’s an important way to reward us for doing something challenging. It can be a way of showing gratitude, not only to ourselves but also to those around us. Sometimes it feels as though if you don’t acknowledge your progress, you won’t experience failure. This is not true. There is always the possibility of failure. Acknowledge your progress while you can, and show kindness to yourself and others who have helped you succeed.

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