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women in wellness: featuring neela asaadi

February 6, 2020


Jennifer: What are you currently doing and how did you get into this field?
Neela: Full- Service Design firm specializing in Wedding Curation & Business Branding. I studied graphic design in college and held various jobs at different sized companies as an in-house designer. Started my own venture in 2017.

J: How do you balance a busy career as well as healthy personal life?
N: My health and wellness are very important to my daily routines. I made sure to carve out at least 1 our every day to work on my mental and physical state of mind in order to be able to get through my hectic work day. Balance is a huge part of my ability to have a success week!

J: At the beginning of the day, how do you prepare for a good day and at night, how do you wind down before bed?
N: Prepare for a good day with: hot water and lemon first thing, a workout of some sort (cardio based or toning/ sculpting) a cup of coffee to follow, then answering all my Admin emails for about 1 hour. Then working on client projects, business development and taking meetings. At the end of the day, I like to prepare for tomorrow but setting anything aside that I will need in the AM, sipping a cup of tea and lighting a few candles in my bedroom.

J: What does your daily wellness routine look like?
N: I usually work out every morning, 5-7 times per week. I don’t love breakfast so I typically start off with hot water/ lemon then coffee. For lunch I will have a colorful salad with protein, usually an apple for a mid-afternoon snack and then dinner really anything! Whether is it at home cooking or out to dinner! I like to meal-prep my lunches at least 3 times a week but that is sometimes challenging!

J: In such a busy and fast-paced city, how do you find time for yourself during the day?
N: It is rare to find alone time but it is important to make a conscious effort to carve it out. That usually happens when I am working for the day since I usually have events or social plans after about 6PM during the week.

J: Any tips to avoid burnout?
N: Set short term, achievable goals vs. longterm milestones.

J: What are three things you could not live without?
N: My Airpods, Soul Cycle & a pair of sunglasses.

J: What book/podcast are you currently reading/listening to?
N: Becoming by Michelle Obama

J: What is the best advice you’ve been given?
N: Peace begins with you.

If you’d like to get in touch with Neela to see how she can support your needs free to email her at

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