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goal setting to improve your self-esteem

March 2, 2020

Building self-esteem can be a daunting task for many of us. Low self-esteem can come from many different things including childhood, a loss of a relationship or job, or a string of “failures”. Low self-esteem can be challenging to change but there are some ways that can start you on your way. Setting goals gives you the motivation and drive to do better.

Self-Esteem and Setting Goals

By setting goals and achieving them, you send a signal to your brain that you are successful which builds confidence and pride in yourself and that helps build your self-esteem. We all love to feel accomplished and meeting or exceeding your goals does just that.

Destination and Journey goals are a great way to help you set up goals for yourself that are realistic and attainable. We don’t want you to set up goals that are too far out of reach at the moment or with no set road to get there and set yourself up for disappointment.

Primary Goals

A Primary Goal is your main objective such as writing more or getting a new job. These would be your main focus to reach and should have a completion date that is farther out. Let’s say that you want to get a new job. Why do you want a new job? Better pay, better location or better recognition?  All three of those would do wonders for the self-esteem building that you want to achieve so pick something that is obtainable.

Secondary Goals

Secondary goals are stepping stone goals that help you reach that higher objective. Your goal is to get a new job in two months so you will set up daily or weekly goals to get you there. Your first weekly goal could be to edit your existing resume which is a great stepping stone to getting a new job. Next, how are you going to start your search? How about networking weekly or sending out a certain number of resumes in a week? Those goals would get you and your experience in front of more people.

Every week you do your networking and resumes, your confidence and self-esteem go up. When you reach your ultimate goal and get that new job, the pride that you have in yourself is even higher than all the little secondary goals added together. Just remember to make a larger goal with secondary/stepping stone goals to get you to the primary goal. You can set yourself up for success with the right mindset and the right tools.

What are you waiting for? Start on your journey to reach your personal destination.


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