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"the most important words are the ones you say to yourself "

lauren fuchs, lcsw

Senior therapist
Clinical Supervisor 

all about lauren

Lauren is the type of provider who shows up to each session authentically and genuinely. By keeping it real, she facilitates an environment where getting vulnerable can actually feel comfortable, not intimidating. She has an outgoing and warm demeanor that makes it easy for clients to feel instantly connected, while also empathizing with her clients' unique perspectives.

Clients have shared that in working with Lauren, they have felt truly seen and heard, due to her exceptional attention to detail and understanding of the challenges they bring into session. 

Accountability is an important component of therapeutic success to Lauren. She supports her clients in being able to hold themselves accountable in making positive changes to their lives. While working alongside her clients, Lauren helps them to confront barriers, identify their goals, and recognize the strength and skills that they have to be able to accomplish them. 

With an extensive background in Perinatal Mental Health, Lauren understands the complexities of navigating new life changes and transitions, grieving with loss, learning to cope with what’s out of one's control, and re-adjusting expectations or visions for the future. 

how she works

Lauren’s approach to therapy is both personalized and collaborative. She sees each client as their own expert and supports them in identifying what they are hoping to get out of each session. Lauren will work with each client as a team to come up with a customized plan that is best for them. 

Lauren strives to create a space where clients can have the opportunity to grow, be vulnerable, and feel empowered. In working with Lauren, clients will be challenged to dig deeper into the thought patterns and behaviors that are not working for them and learn to reframe these patterns to build the life they’ve always desired.

Drawing from therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Mindfulness, Lauren creates an integrative approach that focuses on navigating life transitions, interpersonal and relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, and day to day stressors. Through her work, clients will be able to build healthy coping mechanisms to address any obstacle.

Clients can feel assured Lauren will always be there for them in coping with the lows and in celebrating the highs. Clients leave feeling empowered and in control of becoming their best selves. 

Get to know me

Music! I constantly have Spotify playing in the background, and have curated playlists for pretty much every activity, mood, or setting.

couldn't live without

Hearing the music from an ice cream truck

always makes you smile


most use emoji

The beach on a summer day, book in hand!

My happy place

Teleportation - I'd love to be able to see the world and go wherever I wanted, but be back to sleep in my own bed that night

One Superpower

Wake up early, make my iced coffee, and do the New York Times crossword puzzle

Morning routine

I journal, read (a lot!), go for walks, and hang out with/Facetime my friends

how to de-stress? 

I meal prep, make sure my room is clean, and go to bed early Sunday night (Sunday scaries are so real!)

prep for a good week


favorite place traveled

Unplug for 25 hours each week for Shabbat, swim a few times a week



I came to Lauren for some continued help postpartum and navigating my new life as a mom and working parent

 I think the most impactful transformation Lauren is helping me realize is that everything I’m experiencing is normal, and it’s actually OK to feel the way I’m feeling sometimes. I am a self proclaimed perfectionist, and with Motherhood I’m learning nothing is perfect nor should that ever be the expectation for me or my baby! Lauren has helped me realize this and I feel like I’m becoming a better mom and partner to my husband as a result of our work. It’s easy to compare and feel like I “should” or my baby “should” be doing this or that from seeing others on the internet, and she’s helped me re-frame the narrative to what’s working for me and my baby. 

Lauren feels like a good friend that always knows what to say! She just gets it

 I instantly felt comfortable sharing things with her that I was embarrassed or ashamed of. She's warm, trustworthy, and personable- you'll feel a sense of closeness almost immediately!

I came to Lauren pretty lost with where I was in my life

 I voiced to her that I need her guidance to help me fulfill my goals. Instead of putting all our focus on my goals, she has allowed me to grow each week and slowly reach the goals I aspired to. I feel a genuine sense of growth and accomplishment since working with Lauren. She gives me the support to grow in areas I did not think I could, and the encouragement to keep prospering in the areas I am strong in.

Lauren is the first therapist I've had that I felt like I really clicked with.

Speaking to her feels more like speaking to a trusted friend, and I look forward to our meetings weekly! It's so nice to have a therapist who I feel reflects where I am at in life, and meets me there. 

Working with Lauren has turned my anxiety around.

Spiraling from anxiety was a daily occurrence for me, and now I feel like I am armed with the tools to handle my anxiety when it arises. Lauren takes the time to dig into my thought process when I'm having anxious thoughts and helps me reframe the issue in my head, offering me peace of mind. 

Professional + Clinical Experience



Each book offers unique insights and wisdom, reflecting our therapists' passion for personal growth and well-being. You might find the perfect read that resonates with you on your own journey to a happier, healthier life.

work with Lauren

We believe that you have the power to live your best life, but often need the right support and guidance to get there.