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Jessica Silvershein

Client Care Specialist 

all about jessica

My top priority at Manhattan Wellness is to elevate your client experience. We want to make sure all our potential clients and current clients feel welcomed, taken care of and that we are here to help in starting their therapeutic journey. At Manhattan Wellness we understand that reaching out can be the most difficult step, and our team is here to help make that process as easy as possible. I am here to meet you with kindness and empathy as your first point of contact at Manhattan Wellness. 

I love getting to help match new clients with the provider that is going to best fit their needs, assist with navigating the frustrating and complexities of insurance benefits, and ensure that everyone feels taken care of from the moment they reach out to our office. 

I believe that the client experience is what elevates Manhattan Wellness and love being part of a women led team that takes great pride in caring for all our clients.  

Get to know me

My family (and french fries) 

One thing you couldn't live without

My daughters giggle

Something that always makes you smile


Most used emoji

Colorado - surrounded by the mountains 

Where is your happy place?

Time travel. I'd love to experience other time periods, not to change anything, but to be able to see how the world was 50, 100, or 200+ years ago. 

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Waking up before my daughter so I can get my day started, get ready, and have a few minutes of quiet before the chaos of the day begins, taking my dog out for a walk, making breakfast for my family and trying to get out the door by 7:45 for school drop off. 

Morning routine

Reading a favorite book, or going for a walk outside to clear my head.

What do you do to de-stress? 

I make a to-do list for work and personal to see what lies ahead and what my goals are for each day. I find light meal prepping makes a huge difference. There is always something ready to eat for myself and my family, and laying out my daughters outfits for the week to make mornings as smooth as possible. 

How do you set yourself up for a successful week? 

I love to travel and my favorite places have been Vietnam, Israel and Peru 

Favorite place you have traveled

Making pancakes on Saturday mornings, ending the day writing in my gratitude journal and reading for at least 30 minutes before bed. 




Each book offers unique insights and wisdom, reflecting our therapists' passion for personal growth and well-being. You might find the perfect read that resonates with you on your own journey to a happier, healthier life.

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