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how to live in the present without jeopardizing your future

April 30, 2020

Instant gratification

It’s clear that society pushes us towards instant gratification. Being overly focused on the future creates anxiety about the things we cannot control. Focusing only on present challenges may seem like the best way to avoid fears about the unknown. But what happens when we don’t consider the future at all? Without an idea of what’s coming next, how can you be confident about the life you are creating right now?

Sustainable satisfaction

What are the consequences of getting swept up in a moment of physical pleasure with someone who is emotionally unavailable? If your ultimate goal is to be in a committed, long term relationship then the temporary enjoyment of the present moment will not sustain you. In this situation, doing what feels good now may end up disappointing you in time. A lack of future awareness can lead to a behavioral pattern of hurtful outcomes. The longer you engage in repetitive, self-defeating habits the harder it is to stop. How can you avoid falling into this trap?

Envision your goal

  • Develop a mental picture of your goal. What do you see happening?
  • Use your physical senses. What does your body experience?
  • Infuse with emotions. How do you feel as the your vision manifests?

Set your intentions

  • Get clear about the goal you want to accomplish.
  • Write it down. Make a positive statement about how you can bring this about.
  • Make a list of action steps you can commit to.
  • Do something today to demonstrate your commitment to your intention.

Stay focused on success

  • Get grounded in the present moment.  
  • Connect with your passion and become aware of what you honestly desire.
  • Envision a path towards where you want to go.
  • Set your intention for the future and take action now to get there.
  • Allow your present motivation to carry you to you a healthy and happy tomorrow.


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