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"Your most important relationship is with yourself. With a foundation of self compassion and connection to your values, you can face any challenge that comes your way"

Emily Fiorelli, Lmsw


all about Emily

Emily’s warmth, authenticity and compassion make you feel an instant connection to her. When working with Emily, clients are able to explore even the most vulnerable feelings. Using honesty, empathy and even a sense of humor, she focuses on creating a space where clients feel the most supported. 

Sessions with Emily are personalized to the unique and complex identities of each individual. She supports her clients in identifying and resolving challenges such as negative thought patterns, feelings of inadequacy, or difficulties in relationships. Guiding her clients toward self-awareness and insight, Emily believes that beginning within is the best way to learn more about ourselves and our needs.

how she works

Her clients are known to say “working with Emily is like talking to a trusted friend who also happens to be a therapist - she just gets it.” She approaches therapy as a team, where you work together to unlock the life you’ve always wanted. In your work with Emily, you will learn to reconnect to your values, tap into your strengths and work through any obstacles as your truest, most powerful self. This is your life, what do you really want out of it?

Emily uses a variety of therapeutic practices to offer a holistic and personalized approach to address her clients’ goals. She works with clients through various experiences such as anxiety, depression, disordered eating, low self esteem, relational issues, as well as complex social situations. Her multifaceted expertise has enabled her to support clients in a culturally sensitive and highly individualized way.

Emily approaches therapy through a humanistic, strengths based and collaborative lens. When working with Emily, she will empower you to take the lead in session, while also challenging your current thought patterns that could be limiting your current way of life. Together you will develop the skills to work through any problem that comes your way. 

Emily is along for the ride to help you dig deep, make impactful change and recognize the power you hold to live your most fulfilling life.

Get to know me

Music! Whatever mood I'm in I have a playlist for it.

One thing you couldn't live without

Spending time with people I love.

Something that always makes you smile


Most used emoji

The beach! Regardless of the weather, if I'm by the ocean I'm content.

Where is your happy place?

I'd love to be able to fly - public transportation can be so frustrating to navigate.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Wake up early (or try my best to) and gratitude journal first and foremost. A walk outside if the weather is nice and a fun coffee help me get my day started.

Morning routine

Exercise and spending time with people who make me smile.

What do you do to de-stress? 

I love a good old fashion planner - I sit down with it and my multiple calendars and put everything in one place so I feel like I have a plan to conquer the week ahead.

How do you set yourself up for a successful week? 

Hawaii - I love nature and the beach, and it is the perfect combination of both.

Favorite place you have traveled

Long walk on a Monday morning to de compress from the weekend, my "chill bops" playlist while I get ready for the day, writing To Do lists.


Every Girl

Well + Good


Before Emily, therapy was more like going through the motions

I never really saw an impact from therapy. With Emily, I have such a different perspective on therapy. Emily makes me feel heard. She recognizes that the experiences I go through and the feelings that I feel are hard. Her personality makes me feel as if I am talking to a best friend - she truly cares about me and my progress. Her warmth and compassion fosters a safe and welcoming environment for us to make discoveries about myself, work through tough topics, and celebrate milestones of any size. 

She helps to empower me with the tools to combat my anxiety.  

Something that I really appreciate about Emily is her ability to explain the science behind what I am feeling - it makes my feelings and experiences feel valid and real. It’s like she helps talk though what is happening behind the scenes of what I am feeling. She does this in a way that gives me back control, which is a huge feeling to have for someone who has struggled with anxiety for a long time. She helps to empower me with the tools to combat my anxiety.  

Outside of our sessions, I am regularly using tools Emily has taught me to work through my anxiety. Additionally, Emily encourages me to reach out to her if I am ever in need of additional support - this is one of the many ways that Emily consistently shows up for me. I feel very grateful to have Emily on my team, her insight and encouragement has been truly life-changing. 

Even though our sessions are once a week, I feel like I have Emily as a resource everyday. 

Working with Emily has been an amazing experience

Her welcoming and non-judgmental personality creates a supportive environment that encourages open dialogue. Emily consistently demonstrates unwavering support throughout our journey, fostering a sense of trust and security. She excels at guiding introspective thinking, often posing the question, "how does that make you feel?" Her patient approach to dissecting thought processes and offering thoughtful challenges has significantly contributed to my personal growth. She is reliable and responsive to my needs. I look forward to our sessions as they not only facilitate personal development but also provide a valuable and enriching experience

Working with Emily has led to many transformations in my life.

Previously, I often grappled with the pressure to be perfect and struggled to acknowledge my efforts and growth. Through Emily's guidance, I've learned to embrace imperfection, select meaningful relationships to invest in, and prioritize self-care and acceptance. Our sessions have significantly helped maintain my recovery from an eating disorder and heightened my self-awareness regarding the impacts of my OCD and depression. Emily's consistent support during times of change is really valuable.

My life shifted positively soon after starting work with Emily

After identifying old habits and ways of thinking, she helped me create a new narrative of how I view myself and the way I approach everyday experiences. I walked in as a young 20-something having difficulty navigating a new city, and I can confidently say I now feel free of the thoughts that were holding me back.

Professional + Clinical Experience



Each book offers unique insights and wisdom, reflecting our therapists' passion for personal growth and well-being. You might find the perfect read that resonates with you on your own journey to a happier, healthier life.

work with Emily

We believe that you have the power to live your best life, but often need the right support and guidance to get there.