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"challenge yourself to consider that change can feel scary and exciting at the same time"

eliza davis, lmsw

Advanced Clinical Fellowship Program Director

all about Eliza

A highly specialized therapist, Eliza works with clients in a collaborative way, reversing negative self-talk and strengthening psychological development with ease. In session, Eliza works with clients to build resilience, confidence and a strong support system. Whether it be dating, self-esteem issues, or work overload, Eliza instills positive and proactive techniques to empower her clients (and help them learn to do the same).

 “I often teach my clients how to look at life’s rejections as opportunity, which gets great feedback,” Eliza says. “Many internalize the pain of rejection, believing that there is something wrong with them, and others externalize it, believing that the fault lies in those who rejected them. I love working alongside my clients to turn self-blame and negative feelings into confidence, self-love, and action.”

how she works

With a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University, Eliza addresses and explores strengths and goals fluidly; fueling self-compassion and greater self-awareness in her practice. 

Having worked at a high-end matchmaking company, organizing client goals for dating, and what they look for in a partner, Eliza is a trustworthy confidant when it comes to relationships. She uncovers characteristics of client’s past partners alongside them, and identifies personal inclinations with clients. By noting these dating models related to her clients, and patterns related to her client’s dating partners, renewed optimism and awareness of healthy relationship standards are set in her practice.

Having worked in both agency and school settings, Eliza is solution-focused. While noting the validity of acknowledging and accepting “problem-saturated emotions”, Eliza will teach you how to grieve and process frustrations in a healthy way. Through accepting negative emotions, she invites clients to turn attention to what can or should be done to move forward. 

Using past experience with one-on-one counseling sessions using mindfulness and psychoeducation to past clients, she guides and teaches advocacy skills. Outside of her therapeutic approach, the best thing a client has said about Eliza is that she “has such a great memory, and I love that everytime we speak about different things she remembers all the details versus having to re-explain- it really feels like she cares and is here for me.”  

Life as a young professional can be frustrating, leading to habitual self-doubt and internal distress. Eliza teaches clients how to “use rejection as a springboard; instead of shutting down and avoiding it because when we embrace and extract upon the experience, we take away lessons to grow and flourish.”

Get to know me

Aquaphor- I have it on me 24/7! 

One thing you couldn't live without

catching up with my sisters, a great manicure, a 70 degree fall day, waking up to snow on the ground, an iced coffee

Something that always makes you smile


Most used emoji

Being near the water- walking on the west side highway or by the beach 

Where is your happy place?

I would want to be able to teleport at the snap of my fingers

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

basic skin care, a walk and coffee and breakfast while watching the today show. 

Morning routine

breath work, creating lists and organizing myself

What do you do to de-stress? 

Organizing myself, making list of non-negotiable to do's, deadlines and carving out time for myself (could be a workout class, time with a friend, time to watch a TV show, read a book or literally scroll tik Tok), I love making lists and writing things down 

How do you set yourself up for a successful week? 


Favorite place you've traveled

Waking up with enough time to do something for myself that morning (listen to a podcast, go to a pilates class, pick up a coffee or go for a walk), alone time, keeping a weekly planner, 







i have absolutely uncovered a gem in eliza

She also will challenge me - in my thought process, in my true feelings on a situation - and helps me to action plan how to proceed. Results: The biggest change I've experienced is the confidence to put myself out there, put myself first, while being cognizant and having a plan for things that may be stressful or triggering in some way.

the space we hold feels like a real, authentic, and judgment free partnership

No matter how or what I'm feeling I always look forward to our sessions and what I will get out of them and I feel like she genuinely feels the same about her work with me. Results: From the work we've done together I recognize my capacity to be vulnerable for the good and the bad has grown tremendously.

Before Eliza, I spent years engaging in cyclical patterns, and I truly cannot say I would've broken out of them without Eliza's support. Results: I have never been more confident, more comfortable navigating my anxiety and intrusive thoughts, and more demanding of respect from myself and others.

eliza feels like a friend and an older sister, while also remaining an extremely professional therapist

eliza shows up to each session ready and engaged

Our sessions feel like I am catching up with a friend who has similar interests and takes a genuine interest in what I have going on in my life. I am always so impressed how Eliza remembers everything, I do not know how she does it! Results: have noticed my thought process changing with each session and I appreciate when she challenges me to think differently.

i worked with five therapists before eliza, but i never had a connection like the one i have now

Eliza often allots chunks of time during a single session to focus on different parts of my life and makes sure to cover what I really wanted to talk about. Results: After over a year and a half working with Eliza, I have gained the tools to tune out comparative thoughts that are not serving me.

eliza is always present and attentive in our sessions

She remembers conversations from over a year ago and is able to make connections that I never would have made on my own. I always appreciate Eliza’s sincere excitement about milestones, no matter how small or large. It is easy for me to overlook successes and dwell on the obstacles along the way; my work with Eliza has helped me focus on the progress rather than perfection.

working with eliza has been an amazing experience!

I always leave the sessions with a new perspective from the wisdom, guidance, or strength/confidence boost she provides. Regardless of what you are going through or is on your mind, she is always so understanding, caring and supportive. It is like having an older sister you can talk to about anything.

eliza was always positive, cheerful, and warm

Working with her was like having a very smart, helpful, objective friend who I could rely on to challenge my negative self-talk and help me identify ways to take care of myself.
After working with Eliza, I feel so much more able to be flexible in my life and face challenges or situations that are uncertain.

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Each book offers unique insights and wisdom, reflecting our therapists' passion for personal growth and well-being. You might find the perfect read that resonates with you on your own journey to a happier, healthier life.

work with Eliza

We believe that you have the power to live your best life, but often need the right support and guidance to get there.