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practicing positivity: how to focus on the wins

March 23, 2021

In a world where self-improvement is considered desirable, you may end up focusing on your flaws. You send yourself the message that you are not enough, or that you must somehow fundamentally change who you are as you strive for perfection. In reality, you are damaging your self-esteem by holding a view of yourself as unworthy. Let’s explore some ways you can shift this negative way of thinking to focus on the wins.

Count the Little Things

There are a thousand positive things happening around you every day that are too easily ignored. Taking a moment to recognize the smallest of blessings can actually give you a whole new positive perspective. It may be something as small as appreciating your morning cup of coffee, celebrating yourself for finishing a small project or even finding a lucky penny. Gratitude is a gift that allows you to find joy in the most mundane things. By paying attention to each little win you might find there’s a lot more to be happy about than you previously thought possible.

Have a Mantra

Build yourself up by repeating a positive phrase or quote that inspires you. Try saying it out loud to yourself, or write it down where you can see it often. Mantras can affect your well-being by interrupting negative thoughts and re-aligning your emotions. Using words of affirmation is like a mental tool against self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness. It’s a mini-meditation which, if repeated often, can build your self-esteem and banish negativity. Say it with confidence: You are awesome!

The Power of Positivity

There is real science behind the power of positive thinking. Happy thoughts will literally trigger your brain to produce serotonin, alleviating stress and decreasing cortisol levels. Our current culture of stress may lead you to believe that you have no control over intrusive thoughts. The truth is that negative thinking can wreak havoc on your neural networks, reinforcing bad habits and perpetuating dark moods. That’s why making the conscious effort to think happy thoughts is so important to your well-being. As with any skill, practice pays off in the long run! You have the power to reinforce your own positive brain function, and it is possibly one of the best commitments you can make for improving your mental health.


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